Special Programs

Dialysis and Total Parenteral Nutrition Services

  • Persons who need kidney dialysis or total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and related services may be eligible for limited Medi-Cal Special Treatment Programs coverage if all the conditions are met and the individual is not receiving Medi-Cal through another program.

Tuberculosis (TB) Services

  • Persons who are infected with Tuberculosis (TB) and meet Medi-Cal eligibility requirements may get limited outpatient TB medical services.  Medical clinics or medical providers who serve TB infected persons may assist the individual in applying for Medi-Cal.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP)

  • Persons in need of breast and/or cervical cancer treatment whose family income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level may be eligible for treatment services.  http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/15poverty.cfm
  • The California Cancer Detection Program provides free screening for breast and cervical cancer for uninsured women whose family income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.  http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/15poverty.cfm
  • The BCCTP is a state program.  To obtain more information on this program or for the location of a screening provider near you, call 1-800-824-0088.
  • The Family Planning, Access Care and Treatment (Family PACT) program also provides free breast and cervical cancer screening services.  Call 1-800-511-2300.