Program Overview

CalWORKs Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) is part of the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services. This division assists applicants and recipients of CalWORKs temporary assistance to become self-sufficient. Adults who receive CalWORKs temporary assistance and have the ability to work are registered with GAIN when their aid is provided.                                             

All participants are assessed when they start CalWORKs GAIN to determine their need for supportive services and appropriate activity assignments. Assistance is provided with identifying and overcoming barriers to employment. All participants are encouraged to start working as soon as possible in a job that matches their skills and abilities. Adult basic education and on-the-job training may also be offered.

As participants progress in the job market, they receive assistance with job retention, career planning and development of a training and education plan. Innovative service delivery by various education and training providers for working parents is pivotal at this time. Service providers include the Riverside County Economic Development Board, the Housing Authority of the County of Riverside, The local community colleges, the Riverside County Office of Education, local adult schools, and other public and private agencies.

Former CalWORKs GAIN recipients may receive services that promote job retention and career advancement. The focus is maintaining employment and remaining independent of cash aid.

Workforce Connection

Workforce Connection encompasses the services we provide to customers and our community partners:  Unsubsidized Employment; Work Experience; On-the-Job-Training; Community Service and Subsidized Employment. 

Moving forward, the Community Outreach Branch will create informational materials for customers, staff and community partners about our programs and services available through: