Community Outreach Branch

The Self Sufficiency Community Outreach Branch (COB) was formed in January 2012.  The COB's purpose is to enhance the public's awareness and perception of DPSS programs; and to establish, strengthen and maintain community partnerships. The COB assists with the following programs:  CalFresh and Medi-Cal, to increase the customer's access to our services, which is a key outcome. 


The Cal Fresh/SNAP Assistance Program provides eligible, low-income households with electronic benefits that can be used at most grocery stores. This program ensures that individuals are able to provide a healthy diet for themselves and their families. CalFresh/SNAP benefits are made available through an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) which is very similar to a regular bank account debit card.


Medi-Cal provides health coverage for children, pregnant women, families, the elderly, blind, and disabled. Medi-Cal can pay for the expenses of certain pre-natal, dental, vision, and nursing home care as well as physical therapy, pharmacy services, emergency medical transportation and other medical expenses.