Child Care Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who chooses the child care provider?
A: A parent or caretaker may choose the provider and type of care that best suits the needs of their child(ren) and family.

Q: What is a suitable child care provider?
A: Licensed centers, family day care homes, friends, family members and neighbors may all be suitable child care providers as long as they are able and available during the hours care is needed.

Q: How do I find a suitable licensed child care provider?
A: The toll free Resource and Referral phone line 1-800-442-4927 can provide a list of suitable licensed child care providers.

Q: Does the provider chosen have to be licensed?
A: No. There are suitable providers who are both licensed and un-licensed.

Q: How do I apply for child care?
A: Families receiving CalWORKs should contact their local CalWORKS Office and request child care assistance. Those who are not receiving CalWORKs but have in the past 24 months should contact their local RCOE child care office directly.

Q: How long does it take to be approved as a provider and receive the first child care payment?                                                                                                                                                                             A: A Specialized Child Care Worker is allowed 30 days to determine eligibility and process a referral for child care assistance. Once an individual is approved as a provider, a claim form must be completed monthly to receive payment.

Q: What do I have to do to get make sure my child care provider is paid?
A: When a child care provider is approved, the parent or caretaker and the provider have to turn in a monthly Child Care Eligibility Report. The report must be completed and signed after the last day of care.

Q: How do I become a child care provider?
A: To be a licensed provider, contact the local Community Care Licensing agency at 951-782-4200 to obtain information about the process of becoming licensed.

Q: I am a licensed child care provider. How do I let people know about me?
A: Contact the Riverside County Office of Education Resource and Referral unit at 1-800-442-4927. They will add you to the child care provider listing which is given to families upon request.