Eligibility Requirements

Families eligible to receive CalWORKs Temporary Assistance must have minor children in the home who lack the necessary support because of the absence, disability, death or unemployment of one or both parents. In addition to parents, other relatives (such as grandparents) who are caring for minor children may also be eligible. A pregnant woman with no other children might also qualify for CalWORKs benefits.

                                                  Buying or owning a home in which the family is living does not make a family ineligible. The value of the home is not considered in the eligibility determination. Families who own a car or several cars may also be eligible depending on their value. Some legal immigrants may be eligible if they meet certain immigration requirements.

Because of the complexity of the CalWORKs program, an application must be completed and reviewed by the county before a decision of eligibility can be made. More detailed information about the eligibility requirement for CalWORKs is found at: Rights, Responsibilities and Other Important Information.