What about Child Support?

All parents are responsible for the support of their children. If a family receiving CalWORKs includes a child whose parent(s) is not in the home, DPSS will automatically notify the Riverside County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS).


The parent or relative caring for the child in the home will be required to provide information about the absent parent(s) and participate in an interview. In some cases, blood tests are necessary to determine the biological parent.

Any child support monies received directly from the absent parent must be turned over to the DCSS. In addition, the DCSS will collect child support on the family’s behalf while they receive CalWORKs cash aid for the child(ren).

Every month the absent parent(s) pay child support for an aided child(ren), an incentive payment of $50 is made directly to the parent or caretaker relative of the child in the home. This incentive, called a Child Support Disregard payment, is not counted as income to the family in determining the CalWORKs cash aid amount.