Applying for Assistance

To apply for CalFresh/SNAP benefits, visit a local office (DPSS Office Locations) of the Department of Public Social Services or go to on the Internet.  You may need to meet with an Eligibility Technician (ET) who will review your application and list of necessary documents and explain the program requirements.  In some cases, the ET will ask for additional proof of some areas of eligibility.  A return appointment may be necessary.

If a person needs help with filling out the CalFresh/SNAP application or participating in the interview, a representative can be appointed.  This person, called an Authorized Representative (AR), will have to know all the applicant’s personal information, and be able to make decisions on behalf of the CalFresh/SNAP customer. The appointed AR will have access to CalFresh recipient's EBT account. It is very important that the AR is someone trustworthy.

Restaurant Meals Program

Restaurant Meals Program allows elderly, disabled and homeless CalFresh recipients to use their CalFresh benefits to purchase prepared meals from participating restaurants. Click here for more information.

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Restaurant Meals Program