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 IHSS Consumers

In order to hire a provider from the registry, you must already be enrolled in the IHSS program.  If you are not already enrolled in the IHSS program, please call the Riverside County IHSS application Hot Line at 1-888-960-4477. They will explain the application process over the phone.

If you are already enrolled in the IHSS Program, please call 1-888-960-4477 and inform the Public Authority staff that you would like to hire a provider from the registry. The Public Authority staff will assist you with the hiring of a new home care provider. This includes providing you a list of home care providers, and assisting with the interview and hiring process.


The Public Authority Home Visitation Services 

The In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority (IHSS PA) is improving the quality of service to consumers by expediting services, assisting with provider interviews and assisting the consumer in making a well informed decision when hiring providers by offering a Home Visit service model.  Home visits and interviews will be scheduled over the phone after receiving a referral.  With this revised method of providing services, the IHSS PA can assure that consumer needs are being met in a timely manner, can advocate for both the consumer and the provider, and can promote a long-term business relationship where both parties are well informed of approved services and the responsibility that each holds in maintaining this relationship.  For more information on how services can be expedited to you or your loved ones please contact the IHSS PA at 1-888-960-4477.

Information for IHSS Consumers

IHSS Consumer Education Videos

The following resources are provided for program recipients/consumers in an online video format.  These videos are intended to help individuals understand their rights and responsibilities in the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program.

Hiring a Provider Handbook

IHSS Program Information Brochures

Finding, Hiring and Working with a Provider Brochures

Other Helpful Information Brochures

Consumer Registry Application

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