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IHSS Public Authority 

12125 Day Street       Suite S-101         Moreno Valley, CA 92557     1-888-960-4477  

Hours of Operation: 
 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Customers needing service are encouraged to use phone and internet options whenever possible. Customers who need to apply for In-Home Supportive Services can do so at www.RiversideIHSS.org. If in-person service is needed, please make an appointment. You can the Public Authority at (888) 470-4477 or In-Home Supportive Services at (888) 960-4477.


It is our goal at the IHSS Public Authority to assist In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) consumers in Riverside County to live high quality lives in their own homes.  We accomplish this by recruiting, screening, and training home care providers who are available to assist our IHSS consumers  in their own homes. This service is available at no cost to the IHSS consumer.

Mission Statement

As an enhancement to the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, the IHSS Public Authority strives to assist the elderly and people with disabilities to remain safely in their homes. 

About the Public Authority

In 1999, advocacy efforts of senior citizen groups and persons with disabilities resulted in the passage of California State Assembly Bill (AB) 1682. This bill created a new government entity, the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority, to serve in each county as an enhancement   to the county’s IHSS program. IHSS Advisory Committees were established throughout the state to advise counties on the mode of services to be used. The mandate of the Public Authority is to establish a registry of screened and trained home care providers and to match them with IHSS consumers who need their assistance. The Public Authority also acts as the employer-of-record for purposes of collective bargaining.

In June 2002, the County of Riverside Board of Supervisors established the IHSS Public Authority to aid and assist elderly and/or persons with disabilities needing care.  The Public Authority began operating in Riverside County in January 2003 under the management and direction of the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS), Adult Services Division.  Helping the elderly and people with disabilities live independently in a healthy, safe environment, remains the focus and mission of the Riverside County IHSS Public Authority.

To this end, the Public Authority has established a registry of screened home care providers who can be matched with elderly and disabled IHSS consumers needing assistance in a continuing effort to improve the in-home care our consumers receive.  The IHSS consumer is the primary employer of his/her home care provider. Some of the responsibilities of being the employer include:

  • hiring
  • training
  • supervising
  • and if necessary, termination of employment.

The Public Authority recruits and trains (free of charge) both IHSS consumers and home care providers throughout the county. The Public Authority is considered the employer-of-record in negotiations with the union, United Domestic Workers (UDW).  To recruit and retain home care providers, the Public Authority works diligently with UDW in their shared efforts to improve wages and benefits received.  The current wage in Riverside County for home care providers is $13.25 per hour.

To further improve and strengthen its program, the IHSS Public Authority meets regularly with the IHSS Advisory Committee.  Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the committee consists of a representative from each supervisorial district.  The majority of the committee consists of past and present IHSS consumers and home care providers who can provide first-hand experience and expertise in helping to reinforce the effectiveness of the IHSS program and the Public Authority.  The committee also includes a delegate from an advocacy agency for people with disabilities.



Once individuals qualify for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and their hours are assessed and approved, it is the responsibility of the IHSS consumer to locate and hire a home care provider. Locating and hiring a home care provider can be a difficult process. This is where the IHSS Public Authority registry can step in and help.

The primary purpose of the registry is to provide a free and voluntary process through which IHSS consumers in need of assistance can be "matched" with registry home care provider in need of employment in an effort to deliver in-home support services. The registry’s goal is to help facilitate the employer-employee relationship between the home care provider and the IHSS consumer.

The Public Authority offers a variety of trainings free of charge to any home care provider in the registry and to any current IHSS home care provider. For more information, please visit our Training section.

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