Project Rating and Ranking Tool

CoC Grant Inventory Worksheet Reports

The GIW report is used annually to record all grants within a CoC’s geographic area that are eligible for renewal funding for an upcoming CoC Program Competition. The GIW calculates 1) an Annual Renewal Amount (ARA) for each project, which is the total renewal amount a project may request under the CoC Program Competition, and 2) the sum of all renewable budget line items (BLI) (e.g., rental assistance, leasing, supportive services). The sum of all ARAs within the CoC is then used to calculate the CoC’s Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD).

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Inventory List for CA-608

NOTE: The HIC only collects inventory information for each family subpopulation by the number of beds available to that subpopulation. This means the tool indicates inventory information for families in beds not units. CoCs must keep this in mind when adding new family projects and setting ranking parameters for families.

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HUD Annual Performance Report

Recipients with HUD funding received through CoC homeless assistance grants (e.g., Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care, Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program, CoC Program) are required to submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) electronically to HUD every operating year. Data collection for the APR is aligned with the most recent version of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Data Standards.

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Grant Inventory Report

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Coordinated Assessment Score Report

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