Housing and Urban Development Continuum of Care Program (HUD)

 Continuum of Care Housing Program

The Supportive housing program is a HUD grant program where DPSS HPU is the Lead Agency for the CoC.  The programs provide outreach, transitional and permanent housing for homeless persons. DPSS/HPU coordinates the annual application to HUD for new and renewal funding. In addition DPSS/HPU processes and pays the claims from the project sponsors, provides technical assistance, monitors the recipients for program and fiscal compliance. 


2016 HUD CoC Program Competition

           - Detailed Instructions for Completing the Renewal Project Application

           - Detailed Instructions for Completing the New Project Application

           - 2016 HUD CoC Program Competition Request for Proposal - Question & Answer 


 2015 HUD CoC Program Consolidated Application

HUD CoC Rating and Review Procedure


Defining Homelessness


HUD CoC Program Resources

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