County of Riverside Continuum of Care (CoC)


The Continuum of Care for Riverside County – CoC Program provides homeless assistance by leveraging funding needed through the HUD Consolidated Application, this provides collaboration between providers of housing and homeless assistance programs and other federal programs. The CoC is a network of private and public sector homeless service providers, designed to promote community-wide planning and the strategic use of resources addressing homelessness. The CoC seeks to improve coordination and integration with mainstream resources and other community programs for people who are experiencing or are at-risk of becoming homeless. The CoC seeks to improve and expand the collection of data countywide, develop performance measurements, and allows for each community to tailor its’ program to the particular strengths and challenges within that community. The goal is to assist people to achieve stability through self -sufficiency.

Some of the CoC’s activities include the annual HUD Continuum of Care Programs Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA), for homeless services and housing programs, the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) NOFA and the biennial Point in Time Count and Survey of homeless individuals in the whole county. 


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  • 3/23/2020: Until further notice, all CoC meetings will take place through web or teleconferencing.

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