Family Resource Center
Seven Core Services

Service provided at the Family Resource Centers must fall under the following:

  • Parenting Skills: Services to help customers acquire knowledge and develop skills to become more effective parents or caregivers.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Activities designed to promote self-help, child and family well-being and movement toward sustainable living (e.g., job and career development for adults and youth, job search, vocational training, and linkage to public/private support).
  • Community Action: Community development, human services advocacy, farm worker services or activities that are designed to have broad impact on the community and its residents (e.g., coordination of new community park, creation of provider network).
  • Child Abuse Prevention Services: Services, which help to improve safety, prevent child-abuse or entry into out-of-home care and stabilize families. Delivered services may include: individual, group and family counseling; anger management; domestic violence intervention; in-home demonstration services; supportive services for relative and other caregivers,  health related education and referrals, and alcohol or other drug treatment. Also, awareness of what constitutes abuse, how to report, where to get help, sharing responsibility for child safety, permanency, and child and family well-being. 
  • Resource Development, Information & Referral Services: Referring customers to supportive resources, providing linkage to professional services, educating customers on getting help for self and/or for family members and addressing miscellaneous and basic needs (e.g., housing, legal aid services and utility assistance).
  • Education and Literacy: Educational services designed to promote self-sufficiency (e.g., Reading and writing skills, English as a Second Language, General Education Development- GED and tutoring services).
  • Life Skills: Activities designed to contribute to the positive growth and development of individual and families (e.g., home management skills, budgeting, driver’s education, bullying classes, nutrition demonstrations).