FRC Advisory Board

Each FRC will have an Advisory Board. The role of the Advisory Board is to:

(1)       Review and recommend activities and services that are   provided to the community by the FRCs.

(2)       Offer non-binding recommendations for new services, program changes or improvements.

(3)       Assist in developing resources needed to support the Four Practice Methods Service Categories at the FRC.

(4)       Participate in fund raising activities for each FRC.      

Advisory Boards are composed of the following members:

  • 1 Service Provider who is  providing services in the FRC’s community
  • 2 Business Leaders/Civic Leaders or a combination thereof that conducts business or who live in the FRC’s community
  • 1 Community Advocate
  • 1 Public Agency Representative
  • 1 Human Services Advocate
  • 1 Parent Consumer

Additional information regarding Advisory Board members and responsibilities:

  • Board members will be selected by DPSS based upon recommendations received from the FRC site coordinator and will serve three (3) year terms. 
  • Each Advisory Board will have seven (7) voting members. 
  • Annually, each FRC Advisory Board member will participate in six AB Meetings, one Annual Retreat, and one Training offered by DPSS.
  • Meetings are chaired by the FRC Program Supervisor, FRC Site Coordinator, Regional Manager or person designated by the Director of DPSS.  This individual will be a non-voting member. 
  • Each meeting will have a published agenda and minutes will be maintained to reflect the actions and recommendations of the board.  
  • Board members cannot serve on more than one FRC Advisory Board, and may be removed on the basis of:
    • 1) receiving a criminal conviction;
    • 2) failing or being unable to consistently attend advisory board   meetings;
    • 3) engaging in activities which constitute a conflict of interest; and
    • 4) engaging in activities which are inconsistent with the established vision of the FRC program.

Community members interested in becoming involved at their local Family Resource Center or applying to become an Advisory Board Member, please call your respective FRC Community Program Specialist.


FRC Advisory Board ByLaws