Advisory Boards

Each Family Resource Center has an Advisory Board that consists of:

  • One (1) Social Service Provider who:
    1. currently provides service(s) in the target community; and
    2. is not providing on-site service(s) in an FRC.
  • Two (2) Business or Civic Leaders who conduct business or who live in the FRC community.
  • One (1) Community Advocate who lives in the target community.
  • One (1) Public Agency Representative who lives or works in the target community.
  • One (1) Human Services Advocate who lives or works in the target community.
  • One (1) Parent Consumer who lives in the community.

The Advisory Board functions are to:

  • Review the overall operation of the Family Resource Centers.
  • Conduct a quarterly review of the Family Resource Center Three-Year Plan.
  • Make non-binding recommendations for services, program changes or improvements.
  • Assist in developing resources needed to support the seven core service categories/strategies.
  • Encourage and assist, when appropriate, in fund raising activities for their respective Family Resource Center.

The FRC Advisory Board meets quarterly. Advisory Board members are selected and approved by the Department of Public Social Services and are expected to serve three (3) year terms. Board members cannot serve on more than one FRC Advisory Board.

Each Advisory Board has seven voting members. Meetings are chaired by the Family Resource Center Program Supervisor or person designated by the Director of DPSS. This individual will be a non-voting member.

Each meeting has a published agenda; minutes are maintained to reflect attendance, motions, discussion, actions and recommendations made by the Advisory Board. Recommendations will be forwarded to the DPSS Assistant Regional Manager and Regional Manager responsible for the Family Resource Center program, and/or the Children’s Services Assistant Director, for final review and disposition.

Community members interested in becoming involved at their local Family Resource Center or applying to become an Advisory Board Member, please call your respective FRC Site Coordinator.