Independent Living Program

Our mission is to promote: Education, Employment, Permanency, Health & Safety, and to provide current and former foster youth with resources that lead to self-sufficiency and independence.

For additional information please contact ILP at  (800) 303-0001

ILP Eligibility

All dependent and former foster youth are eligible for ILP Services if they:

  1. have spent at least one day in out-of-home placement on or after their 16th birthday
  2. are between the ages 16-21 (in-care or extended foster care) or
  3. are between the ages of ages 18-21 (aftercare)

Youth are eligible for services irrespective of their county or state of residence.

ILP Services:

ILP works in partnership with Oak Grove Center to provide ILP services to in-care and after-care eligible youth.


  • assist with meeting GED requirements
  • evaluate High School credits
  • identify educational options and goals
  • prepare for academic assessments
  • apply for scholarships and financial aid


  • explore employment interests and options
  • discuss job placement and work readiness skills
  • provide information regarding job resources
  • assist with Job Application and Resume Development
  • encourage participation in vocational training and volunteer programs

Permanent Connections

  • guide youth in developing mentoring relationships with appropriate adults
  • connect youth to culturally relevant community events and services

Health and Safety

  • assess youth's ability to make and practice appropriate lifestyle and preventative health choices
  • provide referrals to appropriate health services
  • guide the transition to adult mental health services
  • assist with application process for health care coverage and Food Stamps
  • help youth secure viable housing options following emancipation
  • Transitional housing referrals 
  • Completion of Food Stamp Applications
  • Assist with extended Medi-Cal Coverage Application Process

ILP Activities & Events:

ILP Life Skills Workshops:

Our workshops will be informative but fun with plenty of rewards, food and the chance to meet new friends. Each ILSP youth will be assigned to a Life Coach in order to provide individualized care and support while promoting permanency and helping you CONNECT.

ILP Events

A series of fun and informative events throughout the year.

For the ILP Schedule of Workshops & Special Events contact: Oak Grove Center at 1-800-391-9601

Extended Medical Benefits:

Former foster youth can receive medical assistance through Med-cal until their 21st birthday. The initial enrollment process is automatic for qualifying youth; however, renewal of Extended Medi-Cal benefits is not automatic and requires annual eligibility renewal with the youth verifying the following:

  • The youth's consent to continue with Medi-Cal services.
  • The youth's current address.
  • The existence of any other medical insurance (i.e. through employment etc.).

All ILP staff is available to assist former foster youth whose medical benefits have been discontinued or to provide additional information regarding medical care options and the programs that are available.

ILP Contact Information:

To learn more about ILP and the services available, please contact us at:

Main Line: (800) 303-0001
Fax: (951) 358-5155