Specialized Care Increments

Effective 6/1/2011, Riverside County implemented new Specialized Care Increment (SCI) processes and rates. Some general information is provided below. Contact your social worker if you have questions.

Placement Types and SCI Eligibility
Children in the following placement types are potentially eligible to receive an SCI:

  • licensed foster family home (FFH)
  • approved relative home
  • approved Non-Related Extended Family Member (NREFM) home
  • approved Non-Related Legal Guardian (NRLG) home
  • State Licensed Small Family Home

A child in a NRLG home may be eligible for the SCI pilot rates and process regardless of current or prior dependency.

Children in the following placement types are not eligible for an SCI because they already receive funds for special needs as part of their facility rate:

  • Foster Family Agency (FFA) home
  • Regional Center home
  • Group Home