Non-Related Legal Guardian (NRLG)

A NRLG is non-related caregiver appointed by the Juvenile Court or by Probate Court to serve as legal guardian for a child until he or she is 18.

  • The court can make a decision about guardianship whether or not the parent agrees.
  • The court grants a legal guardian the right to make most decisions regarding the child, but does not grant all the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent to the guardian in the way that adoption grants these rights and responsibilities to an adoptive parent.

A legal guardian is considered to be a NRLG if they are not related by birth or adoption to the child by virtue of being one of the following:

  • The child’s brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, or any such person of a preceding generation denoted by the prefixed grand-, great-, or great-great.
  • The child’s stepfather, stepmother, stepbrother or stepsister.
  • The spouse of any person named above even after the marriage has been terminated by death or dissolution.

A child residing with a NRLG in Riverside County may be eligible to receive Foster Care cash and Medi-Cal benefits from Riverside County if the guardianship was established in California. A NRLG may apply for Foster Care benefits for the child by calling (951) 358-7778. The County will send an application packet with a letter that tells the NRLG who to contact to schedule an appointment at the office nearest to the NRLG. At the interview, the NRLG needs to provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate, Social Security card, the court papers appointing guardianship of the child to the NRLG (letters of guardianship) and verification of the child's income or property, if any.

The income and property of the child, if any, are considered in determining the child’s eligibility to Foster Care cash and Medi-Cal benefits, but the income and property of the NRLG are not considered.

The County will assign a Social Worker to provide services which the State requires as part of Foster Care eligibility.

Youth who enter guardianship through the Juvenile Court may continue to be eligible to benefits up to age 21. Youth who enter guardianship through the Probate Court may contine to be eligible to benefits up to age 19. Contact your Foster Care Eligibility Technician for details.