Foster Care Benefits

Foster Care benefits are financial (cash) and medical assistance benefits provided for children who meet certain eligibility criteria.

A child may be eligible to Foster Care benefits if he or she is under one of the following placement authorities:

  • a dependent of the Juvenile Court under Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 300
  • a ward of the Juvenile Court under the care and control of Juvenile Probation (WIC 600)
  • a ward of a non-related legal guardian who was appointed for the child by a California Court
  • a child placed through a voluntary placement agreement authorized by the Department of Social Services
  • a child who has been relinquished to the Department of Public Social Services for adoption

A foster care application must be submitted in order for the child’s eligibility to be determined. The person/agency responsible for submitting the application varies depending upon the placement authority. When an application is submitted, a foster care eligibility case is opened and the application is assigned to a Foster Care Eligibility Technician (FC ET), who determines the child’s eligibility. If the child is eligible, an FC ET “maintains” the foster care case until eligibility terminates.

You can also obtain additional information by visiting the State Foster Care website by clicking here

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