Family to Family

Riverside County Children's Services' family to family Initiative is a primary strategy in our County's System Improvement Plan. Family to Family is grounded in the beliefs that family foster care must be focused on a more family-centered approach that is responsive to the individual needs of children and their families, rooted in the child's community or neighborhood and is sensitive to cultural differences.

The success of the Family to Family strategy for developing a more family-centered, neighborhood approach is based upon a four-fold design:

  • Recruitment, Training, and Support of Resource Families (Foster homes and relatives): Finding and maintaining local resources who can and will support children and families in their own neighborhoods.
  • Building Community Partnerships: Working together with a wide range of community organizations, both public and private, to create an environment that supports families involved with Children's Services and thereby helps to build stronger neighborhoods and stronger families.
  • Family Team Decision-Making (TDM): These meetings bring together parents, community partners and Department staff to participate in the decisions needed to ensure the safest and most appropriate placement for a child who may be at risk of removal from their parents due to abuse or neglect or for a child in out-of-home care, before any placement move.
  • Self-Evaluation: This strategy has enabled Children's Services to become more transparent by sharing with our community members our work, our successes and our ongoing needs in our efforts to better serve children and families.

Family to Family and our four strategy efforts are not a fad, or a pilot program, but how Children’s Services in Riverside County now focuses our service efforts with families, from first contact with a family, through reunification and permanency services. Family to Family is now operational in our six regional areas and in our regions serving children in group homes placements and children awaiting adoption. As a result, we have increased our ability to provide quality care for children in their own homes and in out-of-home placement within their own neighborhoods and communities.

For addtiioinal information visit The Annie E. Casey Foundation.