How Do I Report Abuse?

You can report abuse or neglect by calling our Adult Protective Services Hotline on a 24/7 basis at:


  • If you are not a mandated reporter (i.e., you are a relative, friend, neighbor, etc.), then you need only call this 24/7 hotline.  We will gather all information needed from you to determine the best way to address your concerns.  You do not need to provide us your name and contact information to report your concern, unless you choose to.


  • If you are mandated to report abuse/neglect by the State of California, you will be required to complete and fax to us a “SOC 341” reporting form.  The fax number is (951) 358-3969.  Your name and contact information will be required.


If the adult you are calling about resides in a licensed facility (i.e., a nursing home, intermediate care facility, or a board & care facility, etc.), you may call the local Long Term Care Ombudsman Office at the following numbers:

  • Local Riverside Obbudman Office phone number 833-772-6624 Toll Free


  • 24/7 Crisis Line at 1-800-231-4024

As always, if the situation is what you would consider an emergency, you may also contact your local police/sheriff station or call 911.

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