Welcome to the County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services – Inspections Branch. The Inspections Branch consists of the Special Investigations Unit, Fraud Early Detection Unit, Criminal Records Review Unit, and the MATCH unit.

Inspections Branch Mission

The mission of the Inspections Branch is to maintain the integrity of the public assistance programs by reducing, investigating and prosecuting fraud and abuse. The Inspections Branch also provides a vital service to the Department of Social Services by conducting background checks in support of Children’s Services Division, assists Children’s Services Division with high risk transports, and conducts special investigations involving missing kids, law enforcement assists, and various security issues that impact the agency.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit is dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of those who commit welfare fraud.

Made up mostly of Riverside County Welfare Fraud Investigators who are sworn Peace Officers under 830.35-PC of the State of California, Penal Code snf conduct fraud investigations, internal investigations, and locate runaway children under the jurisdiction of DPSS.

Fraud Early Detection Unit

The Fraud Early Detection Unit is dedicated to preventing and reducing fraud through education and early detection.

The Fraud Early Detection Unit is made up mostly of Riverside County Investigative Technicians who conduct preventative fraud interviews of customers, review customer applications, and verify facts provided by customers at application to prevent fraud.

Criminal Records Review and Match Unit

The Criminal Records Review Unit focuses on conducting background checks for Children’s Services Division.

The Match Unit conducts match reviews with the Nationwide Prisoner Match, Death Match, and other statutorily mandated cross checks to reduce the potential of fraud.